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The goal is to help our fellow Malaysians who are poor, desperately ill, and without any viable avenue to turn to.

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We realise that the needs of those who are poor and ravaged by open wounds, lesions and bed sores are totally neglected. Thus, our foundation, among its other causes, focuses its resources to address this plight.

Current Projects

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Yes, every bit of help goes a long way. Let’s have the compassion to help a fellow human in dire need. They need us now. Can we look away and not lift a finger to help? We need more hands on board to overcome the challenges before us.

Current Projects

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Caring for the poor and desperately sick is a costly undertaking. We all have our unique ability to touch the lives of another – whether it be finances, a small gift or simply our time. With your assistance, our foundation can expand and sustain its humanitarian work.

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Help us, Help the Hopeless. 

It's easy to feel for the poor and sick. But what are we doing about it?

Yayasan Malindo Worldwide protects Malaysia’s rich biodiversity; harvests its plentiful gifts of herbal remedies; and utilises them to heal poor Malaysians ravaged by illness causing open wounds, lesions and bedsores.

Open Wound Healing

We use, with appreciable success, herbal remedies to heal open wounds, lesions and bedsores by those with chronic illnesses like diabetes and the bedridden. Our teams of dedicated volunteers perform house visits to care for these long suffering Malaysians who, otherwise, have no one to turn to.

Biodiversity Protection

We fund our Partners who are expert conservationists to find and implement solutions to protect our rich biodiversity. We take on a “win-win” approach of developing granted parcels of forestry to be developed as sustainable eco-tourism spots that are educational and enjoyable.

Welfare Relief

We mobilise our volunteers as resources to give relief to those affected by natural disasters such as floods. The foundation also provides welfare in the form of cash donations, education support, food aid and counselling to the poor and neglected.



Open Wound Healing – Dr Noor Tresor

Dr Mohd Noor is the principal of Dr Noor Tresor, a Yayasan Malindo Worlwide in-house outfit that identifies the fauna and flora of Malaysia that are suitable for use as herbal remedies. His research has led to the formulation of herbal concoctions that have proven to be efficacious in  treating open wounds, lesions and bedsores. His team of volunteers and trained caregivers, go out on daily house visits to perform the heroic task of cleaning, dressing open wounds, giving hope to those ravaged by disease and despair.

Joint Biodiversity Protection

Yayasan Malindo Worlwide joins hands with Yayasan Bambusa, a foundation that focuses its efforts in the protection and conservation of our Malaysian biodiversity. Headed by Dr Mohd Hakim, a passionate conservation scientist who has dedicated his entire life fighting to save and preserve our pristine forest and wildlife. Our foundation provides funding to jointly develop ecological and educational tourism hotspots on forest concession land in Lenggong, and Taman Herba Papan, both granted to Yayasan Bambusa by the Perak state government.



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our relief work


Our foundation muster volunteers and resources to quickly to aid of those suffering hardship as a result of natural calamities like the recent flood. We also do our part in helping to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.