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Make a gift today. Our foundation works tirelessly to reach out and care for the poor who are ravaged by open wounds, skin sores and lesions caused by illness. We also mobilise our resources to help out those who are affected by abject poverty or natural calamities such as the recent floods.

Your gift to Yayasan Malindo Worldwide would empower our frontline volunteers with the resources to provide vital care for these poor suffering folks.


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Wound Care Charity Medical Programme


Social Forestry Programme


Walfare Relief


Don’t forget to send payment proof via WhatsApp or Email for our record purpose and your tax exemption from the internal revenue board, Tax Exemption Act Subsection 44(6) under the purview of Lembaga Hasil Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) tax exemption from the internal revenue board in accordancemption Act Subsection 44 (6) under Lembaga Hasil Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM).